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SCRUB Exfoliating Body Bar

SCRUB Exfoliating Body Bar

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Part of our natural body scrub range where we turn to nature for its gorgeous & gentle exfoliants that help us buff away old and dry skin, stimulate circulation and encourage the production of collagen, leaving us with firm and gorgeously soft skin that glows. 

SCRUB is an amazing layered, ergonomically shaped oval exfoliating bar.  The pure scrub side is a combination of amazingly mineral rich, pink Himalayan salt with the skin boosting & vitamin E packed ground almonds, softened with sweet almond oil and cocoa butter. The smooth side is pure, sumptuous cocoa butter. So SCRUB allows you to flip from side to side during use to get the right around of exfoliation for your skin type. Often our skin can differ throughout the seasons, and throughout different times of our life, so tuning into these different times and being able to amend use accordingly is a lovely piece of self-care and attention. 

Detoxifying, cleansing and hugely moisturising with no waxes or preservatives in it for a truly natural experience, SCRUB is designed for single use as a total spa-like experience. 

SCRUB comes in a single bar (100g), is wrapped in biodegradable and compostable paper and is provided in a small kraft box that can be reused for other items after use.
Please be mindful SCRUB may make surfaces slippy after use & needs to be kept cool so it doesn’t melt before use!
Ingredients & Allergens: Only lovely natural stuff including cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, ground almonds, himalayan salt. 

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