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As part of our slow living range, one of the areas we're super keen to encourage is low-impact wellness; harmonious living, conscious and mindful of others and the planet.

There are a number of practices that we, as westerners have adopted - and without getting into a discussion about lineage, respect, homage & appropriation (which we are more than happy to chat over anytime!), there are some practices that are ecologically insensitive and damaging. Often in ceremony, in cleansing and in purification, all of which are common in both reiki and in yoga, we inadvertadly are adding to these issues. 

We are so happy to collaborate with the amazing Lea from Rosemary & Robert to offer these magickal smoke wands. Hand foraged in England, free of herbicides and pesticides, gathered intentionally within walking distance of Lea's home, handmade with so much love and attention, these are super eco, truly sustainable and an amazing alternative to traditional imported smudge or sticks.

We have 3 x gorgeous varieties to choose from, all with specific qualities and uses

Into the Woods - A cleanser, a protector, a balancer. Perfect for cleansing pre and post ceremony, energy work, bathing. Pictured on the left of the image

🌿 Cedar

🌿 Pine

🌿 Eucalyptus

🌿 Birch


Dreamer - created with dream work and radical rest in mind. Perfect for moon rituals, dreamwork, reiki, energy work. Pictured in the middle of the image

🌼 Lavender

🌼 Yarrow

🌼 Mugwort


Immortal - crested for healing & especially deep ancestral work. Perfect for ceremony, tarot, reiki, spirit, deep healing. Pictured on the left of the image

🏵️ Tansy
🌼 Mugwort
🌿 Rosemary