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GLOW Face Mask

GLOW Face Mask

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Part of our face range where we curate and make products specifically for the delicate skin that is almost always in contact with the elements, GLOW is a gorgeously luxurious dry powdered face mask to purify, nourish, soothe & rejuvenate.

GLOW gets its lovely pinky hue from the combination of pink clay which provides deep cleansing & draws out toxins and hibiscus powder which is a powerful natural antioxidant that reduces damage caused by free radicals on the face. Add to this vitamin packed, vegan coconut milk powder, which, being so high in natural fats and vitamin C soothes the skin, aids it elasticity and leaves it plump and moisturised. 

GLOW is amazing for all skin types and is especially gorgeous for beautiful, story telling ageing faces and for faces that love being outdoors in nature through all weathers. 

If you haven’t used them before, dry face masks are super easy to use; take 1tbsp amount of powder, mix with water to make a paste and apply to face avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water and dry skin with a soft, dry towel. The amount of powder can be increased or decreased depending on personal preference. 

We hold brushes in our SLOW LIVING section (when in stock) so check here if that is of interest

30g (content only weight).

GLOW is provided in a re-usable clear glass jar with a screw-lid and the contents are 30g. When you’ve run out, we offer a pouch refill as well as our 'empty & replace' service locally or from some of our stockists. If that isn't an option then wash out and use to propagate baby plants or use to house dried herbs and spices.

Ingredients & Allergens: Only lovely natural stuff including bentonite clay, kaolin clay, hibiscus powder, vegan coconut milk powder.