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RITUAL Diffuser Oil

RITUAL Diffuser Oil

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Part of our approach to encourage the removal of toxic, synthetic air fresheners and chemical perfumes in our homes and workspaces, and instead, to provide all-natural, pure essential oil aromatherapy blends that have both deep wellbeing benefits, and have a gorgeous scent to gently be released into your home through a diffuser or oil burner. 

RITUAL Diffuser Oil is an earthy, woody scent made for cleansing, calming, and grounding with Palo Santo, cedarwood & patchouli.

Palo Santo has been used for centuries to energetically cleanse spaces. Native to the Americas, this holy wood is also known for its hugely calming effects for the nervous system, easing anxieties and aiding emotional balance. Blended through with gorgeous cedar wood which has amazing qualities in grounding and calming, and at the same time, allows for a lift for confidence and vitality. The final bit of magic in RITUAL is patchouli, which gives an earth muskiness, almost a sweetness, again being so wonderful in grounding and giving a sense of balance.

Chakra activation: root

Sadly, and although it’s a firm favourite, we are now phasing out RITUAL due to our ethical and ecological concerns about the use of Palo Santo. We’re happy to provide more information on this if anyone wants to understand more. In an effort to not waste the produce we have as we feel this is counter-intuitive, we are selling off existing stock in this range. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. x

Our diffuser oils come in 10ml amber bottles with a pipette dropper for application. When they're done we offer an 'empty& replace' service locally or from some of our stockists. If that isn't an option then wash out with warm soapy water & reuse it as a hanging earring holder, a travel container for face or hair oils, or use it as a micro vase with a tiny flower for a beautiful and seasonal decoration.

Ingredients & Allergens: Only lovely natural stuff including palo santo essential oil, patchouli essential oil, cedarwood essential oil. 

Contains pure essential oils and is not for topical application on the skin.

As with all essential oils, please be mindful of who you share space with - including  babies, pets or mamas. We are more than happy to provide more information if you wish to reach out.